Using the grill has always been a therapy. from lighting the first fire to it’s last flame, there is nothing more pleasant than having a good time with family and friends while tasting delicious flavors offered by fire and smoke.

after multiple occasions of organizing BBQ meals, we came to the conclusion that the host was always grilling, missing out on all the fun. from there came the idea of creating a rotating grill on the center of a round dining table. a fun grill that offers the convenience of cooking and eating with loved ones, that’s how the “BRAZZA GRILL” was created. it is now the only patent rotary grill with an integrated dining table on the market.

our ergonomic design allows for the optimum use of the flame. different adjustable levels of the grill, along with a wide variety of cooking accessories become a huge evolution from traditional barbeque grills.

by improving cooking techniques, we improve the grilling experience as a whole. live the brazza grill experience by balancing the social and culinary aspect of grilling for and with the ones you love.



First of all, We are grillers, so between steaks and flames we found inspiration to bring a new concept to change the way We all grill and make it fun, fun, fun.



Our products are made with top of the line materials, assuring our grills last and endure the toughest of treatments.